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Benefits of Massage

  • Reduces anxiety and stress

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Improves range of motion

  • Increases circulation

  • Eases joint and muscle pain

  • Aids post-surgical healing and may reduce scar tissue 

  • Supports behavior training

  • Provides comfort during hospice

  • Improves lymphatic drainage

  • Reduces swelling/edema

  • Aids in recovery from exercise

  • Increases the bond between pets and their people

  • Desensitizes a dog who is wary of touch and handling

  • Feels good –  Every Dog Deserves a Massage!


Types of Massage

  • Maintenance and Relaxation
    Regular massage maintains a dog’s general well-being and can provide early detection of health changes while also helping prevent degeneration of healthy tissues. 

  • Post-Surgical/Edema Management
    Controls and reduces both acute and chronic swelling, provides comfort care and relaxation immediately after surgery, reducing pain and speeding the healing process.

  • Hospice/End of Life Care and Support
    For dogs with chronic disease or at end of life, it can ease the pain and discomfort that comes from immobility and depression.

  • Sports Massage
     Massage helps prepare dogs mentally and physically for an event and reduces the chance of injury. Massage also comforts tired muscles and reduces the potential for cramping and post-exercise soreness.

  • Touch Training
    Can assist puppies and touch-reactive adult dogs with social interactions with humans and accepting different kinds of touch. 

My Approach

During my initial assessment, I will determine a personalized plan of action for your dog. Most importantly I will always consult with your veterinarian to coordinate an integrated approach to your dog’s care.

I  believe that professional massage and myotherapy are important components of a complete wellness program for your dog.  Massage integrates  with and compliments all forms of canine health care, including veterinary and chiropractic care.  If your companion is an elderly dog, an athlete, a show dog, or simply a beloved family member, massage  restores, maintains, and enhances your dog’s overall well-being.

Every interaction I have with your dog involves low-stress handling and positive interactions preventing fear from developing and counteracting any fear  already established by previous negative encounters.  Dogs who feel safe and comfortable in their environment respond positively and can experience greater benefits from their bodywork.



Initial In Home Consultation                                                                  $20.00

(Includes conversation to assess goals and mini massage) 

One Hour Massage                                                                              $55.00

30 Minute Massage                                                                           $30.00

Private Events                                                                     Contact for a Quote!


About Melissa

I am a Nationally Board Certified Canine Massage therapist , Fear Free Certified professional, Reiki Practitioner and lifelong lover of all animals.  I am also trained in canine first aid and CPR.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Cincinnati, a Master’s degree in Biological Science from Smith College and a Doctorate degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Brown University. I love using my scientific knowledge to enhance my practice of canine massage.


When I was in graduate school a much-loved dog broke his leg and I quickly looked to all the ways we might aid his recovery.  It was during this experience that I discovered Reiki for animal healing and my love and aptitude for working with dogs with my hands.  I also realized that I wanted to learn more and do more to improve the health and life experiences of all the dogs I encountered as I moved forward in life.

Although I continue to love all things science related I took the leap and completed my training in Canine Massage with Canis Bodyworks (formerly Chicago School of Canine Massage) and began my second career serving the canines (and occasionally felines) of the Triangle and Triad.  

I love working with animals of all shapes and sizes.  I particularly enjoy shy and anxious dogs as well as seniors.